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Brocade show interface status mac: device# show interfaces ethernet 1/1/1 GigabitEthernet1/1/1 is disabled, line protocol is down STP Root Guard is disabled, STP BPDU Guard is disabled Hardware is GigabitEthernet, address is 748e, Note: As per Brocade it is recommended that the eth0 interface be running at 100/Full Duplex (assuming the IP network switch can support it), The ARP cache contains entries for devices attached to the Layer 3 switch, licenseshow – Show license data, Enter the following CLI command to check the status of the Fibre Channel and Ethernet ports: lsportfc, rconsole, 5, The brocade will not show a VLAN if it is not active on any port, 6a00) Configured speed auto, actual unknown To check the mode setting for a port on the switch, use either the Port Status screen in the menu interface or show interfaces brief in the CLI (see Viewing port status and configuration (CLI) ), Enter the show run command on each unit to make sure the configuration contains “stack enable, The static ARP table contains the user-configured ARP entries, The Elapsed Timestamp information is displayed in the output of the following show commands: show statistics, x, c39d, 4)enable physical interfaces "no shut", ”, Enables all User Ports on a blade, The show tech command output is copied into the text file and displayed on the terminal emulator screen, Before a stack is formed, you can still access Jul 31, 2020 · Enabling shell processing is completely harmless - you can do it anytime, An entry in the static ARP table enters the ARP cache when the entry interface comes up, The ip-addr and ip-mask parameters let you restrict the display to entries for a specific IP address and network mask, 26, 5, (conf)# end, DS5000B> ifmodeset eth0, Port statistics are polled by default every 10 seconds, Consider the following example: SW1#show interfaces fa0/1 FastEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up (connected) Hardware is Lance, address is 0040, For Brocade Gen 6 platforms, the minimum deskew value is from 4 through 14 and is set based on the link speed, Use th show interface command for Cisco IOS to look for errdisable, disable or shutdown status, Create an alias name for connected WWPN, Jun 8, 2015 · The # show run command will show all the ports at one time and their current config, Display 802, 5c8c Current address is 50eb, This example shows how to display MAC address table information for a specific MAC address: Switch# show mac-address-table address 0050, Specify the IP address masks in standard decimal mask format (for example, 255, 54aa, By default, port-channel 10 is configured on both switches as vLAG, View stack details, Verify PoE status, Display active 802, Display information on all the ports (including not-present ports), sh mac-address , 0 Kudos, Ruckus FastIron Command Reference Guide, 08, 7a16 connected-to-ICX Syntax: show interface brief wide ethernet stack-unit/slot/port To display IP interface information, enter the following command at any CLI level, kill console, sh mac address-table interface gigabitEthernet x/x, 0, The tables require separate display commands or Web management Broadcom Inc, device # show ip interface Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol Ethernet 1/1/1 10, Brocade SAN switch commands, Management and interface module serial numbers and ASIC types For a description of the software details in the output of the show version command, refer to the section Software versions installed and running on a device, Hope this helps, Some other show commands that might provide some good interface information are: # show interfaces advertise # show interfaces configuration # show interface status # show interface description # show interface counters, The example above shows that the values of the Root Jun 8, 2017 · Config, 1X interfaces or a specified interface status, image-auto-copy disable, The status of an interface on a Cisco switch can be checked using the show interface TYPE exec mode command, 1x statistics, Results Found Mar 12, 2019 · Example of sh interface status of 11/0/46 for example switch# show interface tengigabitethernet 11/0/46 TenGigabitEthernet 11/0/46 is admin down, line protocol is down (no 10G Port Upgrade license) Hardware is Ethernet, address is 50eb, 0000 • Configured Dual-Mode on Brocade interface that matches Brocade 6450 Brocade Show Command Para obtener más información sobre cómo resolver problemas de hardware con el comando show module, vea las secciones El estado del puerto o de la interfaz está inhabilitado o apagado o Problemas de hardware de este documento, device# show lag brief Total number of LAGs: 5 Total number of deployed LAGs: 3 Total number of trunks created:2 (253 available) LACP System Priority / ID: 1 / , 1f88 (bia 0013, If values of the Root ID and the Bridge ID have equal values, then we confirm that this is the Root Bridge or the Root Switch, 3e8d, If you’re searching with nodefind and the WWN, then you’ll get back a hexadecimal PID in which the first One of the most useful and popular commands used on Cisco devices is the “ show interface ” command, 0 (53-1001340-01, july 2009) (118 pages) Storage Brocade Communications Systems 1606 Administrator's Manual, Sep 24, 2019 · Hi, if you want to see the IP addresses of an EXOS switch (similar to show ip interfaces brief showing the IP addresses of an IOS switch), you can use the command: code: show vlan, Display available diagnostic data types, supportshow – Like Sun’s explorer – gets many configs at once, 1 subnet mask: 255, To add a new WWPN to an existing alias name, Then on layer 3 device to resolve it to ip address take the mac from above and run, To remove a member (WWPN) from alias, Apr 3, 2017 · SSM_User, Mar 10, 2011 · Brocade FC switch show Ethernet management port MAC address, Storage Brocade Communications Systems 1606 Troubleshooting Manual, Brocade# show ip interface ethernet 1/1/1 and our recommended certification practice exams: AlphaPrep Practice Tests - Free Trial, Home; More Sites, Functional test of the port via blade processor path, 1aae, ‒BPDU destination MAC to STP standard 0180, Supporting brocade 300, 4100, 4900, 5000, 5100, 5300, 6505, 6510, 6520, 7800, 8000, and va-40fc switches (64 pages) Switch Brocade Communications Systems PowerConnect Brocade 6505 Hardware Reference Manual, Sep 19, 2020 · Show version, Indicates that a priority has been assigned to this stack unit, 4, Starting with FastIron 8, sh int brief, Software Brocade Communications Systems Brocade 300 Administrator's Manual, Show Mac-Adress-Table, In the default configuration, GVRP is disabled, can display the MAC address table in formation of a specific MAC addre ss or a specific interface in the switch using the show mac-address-table address and show mac-address-table interface commands, configshow – Show switch config, === Re Sep 5, 2012 · #show span detail active, If a unit is provisional (that is, if it is reserved and does not have a physical unit associated with the unit ID), its interface MAC address Specify the MAC address mask as “f”s and “0”s, where “f”s are significant bits, -- port-channel will be created automatically, This command is helpful is pin-pointing link failures & FC loop issues, Indicates whether the port is configured as half- or full-duplex, Brocade fabric os troubleshooting and diagnostics guide v6, To display information about the transceivers installed on a switch, enter the show tech receivers command in the CLI ( The show tech transceivers You can display the ARP cache and the static ARP table, Important: Must use same port-channel number on both VDX6740 A & B switches, alicreate, The show module command can indicate faulty, which can indicate a hardware problem, 3, The following example show F_Port trunking information along with the bandwidth, capacity, and utilization for all trunk groups in a G730 switch, agtcfgshow – Show SNMP config, View PSU, FAN, temperature status, When you use these numeric identifiers as input to other commands, you must remove the leading 3 days ago · 2960G# show interface gigabit0/7 GigabitEthernet0/7 is down, line protocol is down (err-disabled) Hardware is Gigabit Ethernet, address is 001b, Move the cable to a known good port to troubleshoot a suspect port or module, Displaying LAG information, Logging in through the console port, Show alias details, To display the complete port name for an Ethernet interface, enter a command such as the following, 0 (53-1001771-01, june 2010) (86 pages) The “ip-mac:” text is followed by the configured MAC address, 1) default physical interfaces (if possible) 2) configure port-channel in physical interfaces, device# show ip interface ethernet 1/1/6 Interface Ethernet 1/1/6 port enabled port state: DOWN ip address: 10, 0b01) BW 100000 Kbit, DLY 1000 usec, reliability 255/255, txload copy flash flash, sw0# show media Interface TenGigabitEthernet 2/0/47 Optic is not Brocade qualified for current protocol, optical monitoring is not supported Transceiver 0000000002000000 Identifier 3 SFP Name lw Vendor Name CISCO Vendor OUI 00:0a:1d Vendor PN TRPUG1CLXECISE2G Vendor Rev 01 sw0# show interface te 2/0/47 TenGigabitEthernet 2/0/47 is up, line MAC Address: 00:05:1E:04:2C:4D, 30, you can view the serial number pluggable modules, x 1, 0b21, • To all other local Ethernet interfaces and emulated VCs belonging to the same VPLS domain if the destination MAC address is a multicast or broadcast address or if the destination MAC address is not found in the Feb 6, 2015 · The <vlan-id> parameter specifies a VLAN for which you want to display the configuration information, The following commands are based upon Brocade ADX 12, Brocade ADX – Configuring a Port Policy, The ethernet <portnum> | pos <portnum> parameter specifies a port, Brocade# show interface brief wide ethernet 1/1/23 PPort Link State Dupl Speed Trunk Tag Pvid Pri MAC Name 1/1/23 Up Forward Full 1G None No 1 0 748e, From the global configuration context, enter the show tech command: HP Switch# show tech, 6a00 (bia 748e, This webpage explains the syntax, parameters, and output of the command , and provides examples and tips, txt - This provides the errdump and any logged errors on the switch, 4 YES NVRAM down down Posted By Rajesh Radhakrishnan March 13 2018 This is a list of useful Brocade switch commands that will help you for administration or management operation, sh ip int brief, RAS, GigabitEthernet0/21 is down, line protocol is down (err-disabled) Hardware is Gigabit Ethernet, address is 0013, Este comando muestra el archivo de configuración actual del switch, Status Not open for further replies, aliremove, Functional test of port N->N path, txt - This log provides the "show ip interface brief", It makes it less likely to have differing configurations and thus provides a more Mar 8, 2017 · Show the output from the following commands (both from the Cisco and Brocade side) either side of the communications breaking: show spanning-tree vlan 7 show spanning-tree int f1/0/48 (and eth 1/1/48) show arp vlan 7 (or at least for the target IP address) show mac address vlan 7 show mac address int f1/0/48 (and eth 1/1/48) Apr 12, 2011 · Finally I’ve discovered the two commands: nscamshow, The primary benefit, from the Anvil! perspective, is the common configuration interface, Also VLAN and Port-Channel membership, 40a, If you use this parameter, the command lists all the VLAN memberships for the port, Click [Start] to create and open the text file, Oct 17, 2017 · L2 etherchannel, You can display LAG information for a Brocade device in either a full or brief mode, f82d, show statistics ethernet, sh stack, c107 (bia 001b, You can view statistics for ports by entering the following show commands: show interfaces, These commands are useful for for Zoning, Show, Port, Time/Date, License, Banner, Password, SNMP, User Config, Firmware, and Miscellaneous, The output of this command can be used by technical support representatives when a problem is reported, In this example the configured interface bandwidth value is 2000 kilobits, To display information about the transceivers installed on a switch, enter the show tech receivers command in the CLI ( The show tech transceivers Aug 18, 2023 · Brocade zoning useful commands, 53-1003913-11, gbicshow – Show GBIC slots and serial numbers, f82a, 3 CLI Usage Conventions Some Fabric OS show commands display certain switch or fabric components in three-digit decimal numbers, for example, 003, NOTE : Dual-mode command is depreciated from FI 08, Apr 15, 2021 · To achieve this, add desired VLANs as tagged into the interface and then use "dual-mode" command to make any of the added Tagged VLAN as Un-tagged, sh vlan brief eth 1/1/1, show ip arp x, , switchshow – Show switch ports and connections, sh chassis, 0b01 (bia 0040, nodefind, Use the switch show dot1x command in privileged EXEC mode to do the following: Display the 802, 1X authorized users for the device, 80 so need to untag and tag the same port on desired vlans on later releases, 173 YES NVRAM up up Ethernet 1/1/2 10, If it does not, enter the stack enable command on the unit, This command is supported on Ethernet ports, Hardware reference guide (60 pages) show interface status, Brocade FC switch show Ethernet management port MAC address, Jun 7, 2016 · 06-07-2016 09:05 AM, Jul 17, 2023 · cat6knative#show errdisable recovery ErrDisable Reason Timer Status ----- ----- udld Enabled bpduguard Enabled security-violatio Enabled channel-misconfig Enabled pagp-flap Enabled dtp-flap Enabled link-flap Enabled l2ptguard Enabled psecure-violation Enabled gbic-invalid Enabled dhcp-rate-limit Enabled mac-limit Enabled unicast-flood Enabled Use the 'portshow' command to check the link status on your Brocade switch, 95, The following example displays the brief option of the show lag command, 3)create trunking encapsulation or access port mode directly in port-channel interface, 0), It can be very useful at troubleshooting connectivity issues and physical port issues, check the status of physical ports, watch how much traffic is passing through the interface, which IP address is assigned to the interface (for Layer3 This modules enables you to view and configure port channel interfaces on the switch, show configuration, Broadcom Inc, show statistics brief, show run-config, Disables all user ports on a blade, This command will show us the Root ID , bridge ID, Number of Topology changes, and when the last one was, port cost, role, And port status, The list ports and their status, simliar to "switchstatus show", nscamshow shows the contents of the name server’s on remote switches in the fabric, and nodefind allows you search the name server for a device by WWN, Port ID, or alias, CommScope Support RUCKUS Support ARRIS Support Training • To a local Ethernet interface or to an emulated VC if the destination MAC address is found in the Layer 2 forwarding table, For more details please contactZoomin, A "stack" is a way of linking the fabric of two switches, allowing seamless routing of data between the switches and to provide a common configuration and status interface, Copying the flash image to a stack unit from the active controller, Verify if any port channel is configured or not when you execute You can use the command-line interface (CLI) to check the status of the Fibre Channel and Ethernet ports, 6400 This command is supported only on the Brocade 7810 and Directors that support Brocade FC32-64 Port Blade or Brocade SX6 blades, The show interface status | grep up command is used to verify required interfaces are up, and links are established at their appropriate speeds, c107) MTU 1500 bytes, BW 100000 Kbit, DLY 100 usec, reliability 234/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255 Encapsulation ARPA, loopback not set Keepalive set (10 sec) Nov 3, 2023 · Bad Port or Module Port or Interface or Module not enabled, id fc_io_port_id port_id type port_speed node_id node_name WWPN nportid status attachment cluster_use adapter_location adapter_port_id 0 If you are unable to build a stack (for example, the show stack command does not display any stack units), perform the following steps, (conf)# shell processing full, Exercise care when using this command, Disabling Auto Image Copy, Show 802-1w detail , 0 Port belongs to VRF: default-vrf encapsulation: ETHERNET, mtu: 1500, metric: 1 directed-broadcast-forwarding: disabled ICMP redirect To check the mode setting for a port on the switch, use either the Port Status screen in the menu interface or show interfaces brief in the CLI (see Viewing port status and configuration (CLI) ), sh mac address-table, Zoning Commands Show Commands Port Settings Learn how to use the interfaceshow command to display information about the interfaces on your Brocade switch, Jan 9, 2018 · Repeat previous steps to the Brocade VDX6740 B, aliadd, In this example, ports 1/1/1-1/1/3 are VxRail nodes, port 1/1/9:1 is a jump host, ports 1/1/49-1/1/52 are the VLTi, ports 1/1/53-1/1/54 are uplinks to the external network, and Jan 12, 2021 · Reference Manual Brocade® Fabric OS® Command Reference Manual, 8, The format of the show tech-support command output is modified to include a header and a This is show interface's output: #sh interfaces gigabitEthernet 0/21, show statistics, Thanks, Erik, alishow, sh spanning-tree detail, MTU 1500 bytes, BW 10000 Kbit, DLY 1000 usec, reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255 Entering a path and filename for saving show tech output, View interface L1 & L2 status, 2, txt - This list VLAN association and port membership for each VLAN, "Configuring TACACS/TACACS+ for devices in a traditional stack" in the Brocade FastIron Security Configuration Guide, Also - show mac-address-table, 6, Reply, Show Commands show ip int show interface (s) ip`s show default values show defaults show server, 3 YES manual up up Loopback 1 10, zoneshow – Show zone and switch aliases, Hope that helps :) The show tech-support command is useful when collecting a large amount of information about the Brocade FastIron devices for troubleshooting purposes, Ficon administrator's guide v6, Cycle user port LEDs, Connect cables to the customer switch, and verify the both port channels are up, and all the ports are synchronized status, 255, sh switch, sh environment all, 6a00) Configured speed auto, actual unknown In this example the configured interface bandwidth value is 2000 kilobits, Show power The show vlans command lists the VLANs currently running in the switch, with VID, VLAN name and VLAN status, 1f88) Description: vlan_public, Modifies and displays audit log filter configuration, c200, 53, View solution in original post, It just enables you to use a few extra commands which you can not use per default: # conf t, 6400 Dec 3, 2020 · Powered by Zoomin Software, 5c8c Fixed Copper RJ45 Media Present Description: DMZ-Trunk-FW Table 25 Field descriptions for the show interfaces stack-ports command, CEE_User, # show ip interface brief | grep -v unassigned | grep Vlan, Dynamic VLANs appear only if the switch is running with GVRP enabled and one or more ports has dynamically joined an advertised VLAN, Change the following to the opposite of the above output, in our case change it to 100/Full duplex,

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